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Currently working on a universal SpriteKit project. I'll be supporting the following devices:

iPhone 4/s, iPhone 5/c/s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+

iPad non-ret, iPad retina

I am confused on the iPhone part. I already have 4 versions for my background sprite for the 4 different screen resolutions of the iPhones. But which goes to which?

I know the 3x is for the 6+, and I think the 5/c/s goes to the Retina 4 2x, but I do not know where the iPhone4/s, and 6 go. Anyone know?

Side note, when I create a Launch Image inside my xcassets file, I am shown these options, which basically has all the device I am supporting. Just wondering why this is not also the case when creating an Image Set

Also how do you guys approach creating images/sprites for a universal application? Now that the new iPhone 6, and 6 plus are out, I have 2 more resolutions to support which is still confusing for me as I'm still a beginner.

Answer #1

In 1x place image with resolution 320 x 480.
In 2x place image with resolution 640 x 960.
In Retina 4 2x place image with resolution 640 x 1136.
in 3x place image with resolution 1242 x 2208.

Images of Retina 4 2x will upscale to resolution 750 x 1334.
Images 3x will downscale to resolution 1080 x 1920.

You can also visit this links for launch screen images:

For all other images resolution and size:

How to use Image.xcassets:

Hope this will be more helpful.

Answer #2

There is one tool : AVXCassets Generator with which you can directly generate XCAssets file for all your icons and images just by one click.

hope you will like it.

Answer #3

If you have your launch images in an xcasset file, you can do the following in Xcode 6.

Select the launch image asset, select a specific resolution (1x, 2x, Retina 4, etc) and open the attributes inspector (see image below).

Under the "Image" section, you will have a "Expected Size" attribute.

Answer #4

Inside images.xcassets, you can add different devices support by right clicking as shown in the snap

Edit: Well, it doesn't seem working when I drag n drop images to placeholders. It gets messed up as shown next

I don't know why it is acting odd on my Xcode 6.4 though.


I see a bug from apple here. I can select 'Universal' along with any device upon right click as you can see in the first image above. But via attribute inspector I can correctly select either 'Universal' or specific devices as shown here


In Xcode 7 the attribute inspector has been changed and now it gives option same like the right click. So instead of either 'Universal' or specific devices, now it offers to select all.