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  1. If a pointer to pointer is NULL, then is it necessary that the pointer is also NULL?
  2. How do I disable a gcc warning which has no command line switch?
  3. Why is the return value of the fun function 8 instead of 7?
  4. Defining a function which returns a function pointer which also returns a function pointer without typedefs
  5. Why should I always enable compiler warnings?
  6. Compiler optimization of bitwise not operation
  7. Why do C and Java round floats differently?
  8. What does “-1” represent in the value range for unsigned int and signed int?
  9. Why does glibc's strlen need to be so complicated to run quickly?
  10. What is '-1
  11. Beginner in need of a simple explanation of the difference between order of evaluation and precedence/associativity
  12. Why is statically linking glibc discouraged?
  13. Dereferencing a pointer in a 'for' loop initializer creates a segmentation fault
  14. Why do implementations of “stdint.h” disagree on the definition of UINT8_C?
  15. Getting the offset of a variable inside a struct is based on the NULL pointer, but why?
  16. Incrementing the array pointer beyond the last item
  17. Why is the return type for ftell not fpos_t?
  18. Function pointer parameter without asterisk
  19. What will be the output, if we print a string that contains “%s” in it?
  20. Why return a static pointer instead of an out parameter?
  21. Given a 32 bit number, what is an efficient way to scale each byte by a certain factor?
  22. Why does int* ptr_arr_int={1,2}; not work in C/C++?
  23. Why does C not offer syntactically transparent references like C++ and Java do?
  24. Cast volatile array to non volatile array
  25. Why is C++ initial allocation so much larger than C's?
  26. Define division by zero as infinity